Pacers Need to Destroy and Rebuild Their Backcourt.

lanceWhat can I say about the Pacers that hasn’t already been said about the root of insanity, they just keep on doing the same thing and expecting different results.  A lot has been said about Danny Granger’s value as a leader and locker room voice and if I ever doubted those claims, I certainly don’t now.  After the mid season trade I saw some of the worst ball I have seen from indy in their multi year run.  Mental breakdowns, collapses and games where they were sleep walking.  If that wasn’t bad enough they actually brought in Evan Turner, seriously I don’t know if there is another recognizable player with a more worthless skill set than Evan Turner.  He is 6’7 and he believes that he is a point guard and on top of that he is bad from the arc, instead he would much rather run isolation’s and shoot contested 17 footers off the dribble.  I use to be an Evan Turner fan but watching him in full games once he got to Indiana was painful to say the least and to quote my buddy K.Youngster “he is mad moody”.  I must admit I have been a Hibbert supporter.  Dude is 7’2, he has a left and right handed hook (which is more than I can ever say about Dwight Howard) and he protects the rim.  These playoffs were rough on Hibbert, from all the Hibbert as a trash memes floating around the internet to all the rumors about his personal life.  It looked as though he lost his confidence but honestly if i’m Larry Bird i’m saying hey Roy dust yourself off, drop some weight in the summer and come back and lead us next year.  Hibbert is the basis of the Pacers run, he is a rare large center that remains pretty healthy so Hibbert is the guy.  He needs some positional rebounding training because there is no real reason that he shouldn’t get 10 boards a game.  Ultimately Hibbert is concrete in my building plans if i’m Bird.  What can I say about David West, veteran, tough guy, puts the POWER in Power Forward, he is a nightmare match up for all of these pudding stretch 4’s that we have in the league, however he is also possibly a valuable trade asset imagine one of these young teams that don’t know how to win with David West urging them along……..Interesting to say the least.  If Hibbert is a trash can then surely George Hill must be the dust pan, seriously they traded Kwahi Leonard for this guy and he use to be pretty good, I can see George Hill being a valuable piece but not as a starting point guard, its just not gonna work out.  Before the season I made a you tube video claiming that Paul George could surpass Melo this year, boy was I wrong but he is still young so we will see what happens.  This brings me to Lance Stephenson, the opposite of Love is indifference, and in his life I doubt anyone has ever been indifferent towards Lance Stephenson.  I fell on the Hate side because his game is erratic and he puts his team in a bad position with his foolishness, but the way he went at Lebron was cool to see as ridiculous as it looked he actually did bother Lebron on a couple shots so sometimes its just about having the balls or guts to go at the best so I can respect it.  I suspect after Lance leaves the pacers this summer I will keep following him closely and maybe become a fan of “Born Ready”.  Vogel should be gone, the Pacers would do better by trying to hire Mark Jackson to coach there talent, Napier would be my target in the draft, and in free agency I would target a more traditional 2 guard to help with space and to provide a more consistent scoring option.  Here’s to seeing what tricks Larry Legend has up his sleeve this off season.


2 thoughts on “Pacers Need to Destroy and Rebuild Their Backcourt.

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