Cramps = Kryptonite for Lebron


Lebron looking defeated from the muscle cramps and heat

So the “Cramp Game” came and went and we have heard all of the arm chair psychology, all of medical data, all of the athletes support and the fans ridicule. We even heard Jonathan Martin chime in saying “drink some Gatorade and get back out there.” We saw the official Gatorade twitter account take shots at the King and Powerade, and we saw a flood of anti-Lebron memes.


Gatorade did not waste the opportunity to troll

We heard the inevitable Jordan comparisons, and the narrative that he should have just “played through it.” Lets be honest here 60% of fans have never played any sport at a high level but for some reason reach for minor experiences to compare themselves with athletes that are conditioned beyond comprehension. How often will we hear the narrative of “when I was in high school I caught a cramp and played through it.” Newsflash, nobody cares, you were terrible, your high school team was terrible, and even if you didn’t twist your ankle you were never going pro. Al Bundy was better than you in high school because he scored 4 touchdowns in one game, accept it and move on. With that said I find it entertaining that people say what a professional athletes should do or how tough they should be. The very thought of it is utterly ridiculously but wildly entertaining.

There are a lot of theories out there about why Lebron is so susceptible to cramps, I read PJF performance’s theory about Lebron’s body producing more heat than the other players because of the force and energy that he emits I find this theory plausible but difficult to prove. It make sense to me that an athlete with such a low body fat percentage and a high amount of fast twitch muscle would be more likely to have severe muscle cramps. In lebron’s case the same thing that makes you great can make you weak. Lebron’s body really defies any knowledge that we know about NBA bodies, lets look at some variables. If Lebron, Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook were in a foot race, Lebron would not finish last which makes him one of the fastest players with or without the ball in the league. He is 6’8 and he weighs at least 260 pounds, he is strong enough to guard almost all power forwards in the NBA and also a couple centers. He is fast enough to guard both guard positions. This dynamic is obviously not fair so something has to give, especially when you factor in that the guy doesn’t even get injured.

At the end of the day we are all human beings and I mean all, even though we tend to think of our favorite athletes as something beyond human. For instance, fans used to believe that a torn ACL was one of the worst injuries that could ever happen to an athlete, then Adrian Peterson happened, now when someone doesn’t come back in 8 months people take to twitter and bash them.

We are surprised when Lebron gets tired or has some type of physical problem because we aren’t used to seeing that visual. In 11 years in the NBA he has only missed 25 games to injury, which is unreal. It only make sense that these cramps would appear from time to time because its only fair, Lebron is only human. You cant be that big, fast and strong without some kind adverse affects, and in this case just like Superman inexplicably was defeated by Kryptonite, Lebron is defeated by cramps. No shame in that defeat, the problem is it looks like because of his body composition this will be the on going vulnerability for Lebron as it is doubtful that anyone will figure it out. Lebron’s body makes no sense, so I am highly doubtful that anyone, sports scientist or not will be able to figure this one out.




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