Time for Lebron to Build


Is a sculptor still a sculptor if he doesn’t mold his own clay?  Yes technically but isn’t that the whole point?  You need and want to mold your clay because if you are talented enough to make a masterpiece, you want to be the awesome creative artist.  Mold your clay Lebron.

Its time, the Heatles journey has come to an end with Dwade looking like dead weight on the court, Bosh giving effort but struggling to get touches, Ray Allen attempting to create off the dribble and a gang of other things that lead to bad offense and garbage execution.  All this after King James gives them a cushion to work with after the phrase “Follow my lead”.  This could have been iconic, but now its either gonna be ammo against him or forgotten. 

The Heat did not follow James’ lead, not at all, not even close, and of course not.  They aren’t built that way, its a make shift team full of players that were already who they were and have since aged.  Throughout basketball there has been a dynamic of creating your stars.  Teams grow together and merge into a team fitting in where ever they can.  The Heat did well but they got by on being more talented and athletic but now the athleticism is fleeting they got bounced hard.  Maybe for the best.

Lebron’s next challenge is to build, whether with Miami, Cleveland, where ever but build it.  Build a sidekick that understand when you have that look in your eyes that its time to go.  A sidekick that has a similar work ethic, takes care of his body, is unselfish and has a match-able skill set.  That sidekick would more than likely be a 3 point specialist who plays ferocious defense, rarely gets tired, makes strong cuts to the basket, and gives 100%.  Now I know what your thinking, who is that a description of?  Everyone and no one.

That player doesn’t necessarily exist, you have to create him.  Shaq built up Kobe from a boy to a Champion, now obviously it got complicated but it was necessary.  Tim Duncan built up Tony Parker and helped adjust Manu Ginobili from an international superstar to a NBA superstar, then as a group they are raising Kwahi Leonard into a franchise player.  Michael Jordan realized that he needed help so he raised Scottie Pippen up to a two way player awesome enough to win 6 titles.  Lebron has won 2 before 30 and now its time to build for the next 5 years of contention.

Bringing Carmelo to Miami is fools gold, it may get you a title maybe 2 but it’s more of the same makeshift team that will garner hate and have an early expiration date.  Lebron is the baddest man on the planet, you hedged your bet and won 2 rings that nobody can ever take from you.  Build it

He actual has built it before, he just had clay that was limited.  Remember JJ Hickson was Lebron’s rookie, they spent the summer developing JJ’s game, problem was JJ wasn’t quite good enough to be your starting Power Forward to win a championship.  Remember Anderson Varenjao?  He was a Birdman meets Robin Lopez, he played great team defense with Lebron, but ultimately limited.  Remember how awesome the pick and pop was with Illgauskas and Lebron, but Illgauskas could barely move at that point and his offense was 17 footer or tip in.  Remember Delonte West and Mo Williams in that backcourt?  They played good off of Lebron, Delonte as a good defender and both streaky shooters.  Lebron multiplied all there talents by 3 imagine what he can do with quality clay, but he has to build it.

Watching Lebron closely all these years, it seems like he can identify a better team, or if he realizes that the other team is doing something you can’t stop.  I’ve seen it twice so far, 1st time was against the Orlando magic.  They had Rashard Lewis in one corner and Hedo Turkoglu in the other and Cleveland just didn’t have the athletes to make it work.  Ben Wallace could not recover to the 3 point line to save his life and which ever forward Lebron wasn’t guarding was hitting a 3.  Too much floor spacing no athletes to cover the space.  This series is the other one, that vaunted heat defenses is pretty impotent when the ball flies out so fast and there is constantly an open Spur on every possession.  Being that Lebron is a basketball purest I’m sure that ball movement made him drool.  Building a team building a co star and having versatility to make significant adjustments is more vital than throwing more names and veteran minimum contracts on a team.

If You Build It They Will Come (Rings)
If You Build It They Will Shut Up (Haters)


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