Jason Kidd’s Hustler Ambition

Lucracio – BetterThanJordan.com


Crazy and awesome is how I describe Jason Kidd’s ambition. If Jason Kidd was in Corporate America he would be a nightmare to manage but at the same time he would be wildly successful.

How much of a beast do you have to be to play power move after power move and climb the ladder so rapidly.


Jason Kidd after playing 19 years of extremely high level basketball, and building a superb resume, surprised everyone and jumped straight from the court to being a coach. Something that was unprecedented.

Jason started a trend that led to others following his footsteps and getting opportunities that would not have been available. Derek Fisher followed and is making more money than Kidd, and Steve Kerr followed suit with no coaching experience and is getting more as well. Guess being the trend setter isn’t always the best.


Well Mr. Kidd is having none of that, apparently he walked right up to ownership and demanded a role similar to what Phil Jackson has with the Knicks. President of Basketball Operations with the option to coach. Currently Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, and Stan Van Gundy have a similar role. All three have extensive coaching experience, but then again since when does the status quo affect Kidd.

Enter the Milwaukee Bucks, fresh off draft night success of getting a franchise player, Milwaukee is offering Kidd a potential President of Basketball Operations position while keeping Larry Drew as coach. Kidd unsuccessfully leveraged the Bucks offer against the Nets and failed. However in every failure there is success.

While the Nets declined Kidd’s demands, they did give him right to talk to the Bucks so Kidd will ultimately get what he wants anyway. I can imagine that Kidd is sick of allowing others to do jobs just because of tenure and taking a proactive approach and aggressively moving up the ladder.

From Hall of Fame player to direct hire coach, to direct hire President of Basketball Operations. At this rate Adam Silver may want to watch his back, because in 2 years Jason is coming for you.



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