Impressing Kobe Won’t B-Easy

Lucracio –


With the possible acquisition of Michael Beasley the Lakers are staring down the barrel at one of the draft bust of the last 10 years. Now Beasley had a couple moments in the NBA, averaged 17 ppg a couple times so maybe bust is a strong word but it’s safe to say that Beasley has not exceeded the hype.

Enter the Los Angeles Lakers and their aging all time great Kobe Bean Bryant, widely known for a “killer will” similar to “His Airness” himself. Also rumored to be a terrible teammate, the stories are countless, from Kwame Brown being terrified to share the court with him, to the infamous Smush Parker situation where trying to engage in casual conversation with Kobe resulted in insulting references to Smush Parkers lack of accomplishments. However even with all documented teammate issues with stars like Dwight Howard and Shaq there was also documented success with guys like Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Derrick Fisher. Point being for every Smush there’s a “Fish”, and if there’s a “Fish” there is a method to the madness.


I move that as long as you are actively attempting to max out your ability even if its limited that Kobe can respect you on the court. That being said I see Beasley as a tough love guy, he originally did well with Dwade and not as well with the King, I believe leadership style will play a difference in getting the most out of Mr. Beasley.

Beasley has the talent, especially offensively, defensively he has a way to go but he can get there. Beasley can play in the post, on the perimeter, and has a strong mid range game. He is tough and can be feisty on the court at times. He is also currently only using 70% of his gifts. Kobe will bring the best out of Michael Beasley in a way the the King couldn’t and this is why.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat

The King’s Heat were a family like situation, if you’re not playing defense Spo will sit you down and hopefully you learn your lesson but we still love you. Kobe’s Lakers are not so, if Beasley isn’t defending and costing the team Kobe won’t accept it or him. Beasley will be made to understand that he is pulling the team down instead of elevating them. Kobe will challenge Beasley’s manhood, heart, mind and pride and the only way to get Kobe off his case is to raise his game. Either that or Beasley gets cut fairly soon and continues to be mediocre.

Even though that form of leadership doesn’t really work most of the time, in some cases it does. Being that Beasley has been somewhat of a knucklehead throughout his career I think an older and highly respected Kobe would be just what the doctor ordered for Michael Beasley. Tough and aggressive motivation for Beasley, pushing him to find his niche in the league. Holding Beasley accountable for living up to the high potential that he still has, forcing B-Easy to be the best he can.

Or, Michael may just request a release and run for the hills……….


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