Lebron is Creating a Monster

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Lebron James sent shockwaves throughout the entire sports world with his new decision filled will eloquence and good will to the communities of Northeast Ohio, a decision that was critically acclaimed and meet with high praise.  What nobody is paying attention to is the level of collateral damage being left in the background.  I’m not referring to The Heat, they aren’t a threat to the Northeast Kingdom.  I’m referring to the #1 pick in the draft.  Let’s all remember that guy, remember every when everyone was enamored by the potential?  Remember when the vertical jump went viral on twitter?  There was the hype surrounding his first couple games at Kansas, he even dropped 40 in a college game.  Now with all the momentum surrounding the King’s return we are forgetting about Andrew Wiggins.  [Took away my shine and I just got here]

The idea that Lebron is shunning the opportunity to mentor Andrew Wiggins will prove to be a mistake in the future.  The awkward interviews aren’t helping the case when you have reporters asking every time if Andrew has spoken to the King and the response is always no.  It seems as if it was a foregone conclusion that they would never actually play together.  It seems that the famous meeting of the minds that included Dan Gilbert, Rich Paul, Maverick, and Lebron may have touched on items far into the future.  It seems like the Cavs may have always had a deal on the table that had been accepted by the Timberwolves.  The letter very astutely left out the likes of Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett because Lebron already had a guarantee that they would be gone and Kevin Love would be in tow.  The delay may have been the Cavs trying to maneuver to see if there is a way to keep Wiggins but it ultimately failed.  Still, it isn’t a good thing that the King could be a potential driving force behind Wiggins being shipped to Minnesota.  [So you pushing me out, and you can’t even answer my call?]


The idea that “Kevin Love is perfect for this Cavs team and if you have a chance to get a player of that caliber you go for it and trade the lowly rookie” is dangerous.  Though it may make sense logically it cast a shadow of doubt over Andrew Wiggins’ ability.  Wiggins has not played a single minute of NBA basketball as of yet, he is basically in a box with a hammer and a jar of poison.  Kevin Love has been on losing teams for just about his whole career , so even though he has proven he can put up stats, he hasn’t necessarily proved he can be a leader of a team that wins or makes the playoffs.  Wiggins may very well prove to be a far greater player.  [You all think THIS guy is that much better than me?]

Andrew Wiggins is 6’8 with a 7 ft wingspan, he is already an elite level defender, has range on his jumper, and will step into the league as one of the top athletes.  He will need to learn the parts of the game that are the most teachable, but he has the tools that you can’t teach.  Add to that a hyped point guard how can’t shoot but has great court vision, another supreme athlete and slasher in Zach Levine, a borderline star level talent with leadership ability in Thaddeus Young, and a big bruiser of a center in Nikola Pekovic and you have a unit of guys that with time can make noise in the West.  With a lot of growth and experience that team can prove to be Lebron’s Achilles Heel later in his career when he is trying to make history. [Remember me?  The guy that wasn’t good enough to play with you!]

The ironies of life have a way of creating situations that you would never have expected.  A decision here may create a chain of events that you never bargained for that end up affecting you when you least expect it.  This really seems to be one of those very situations; I can see the headlines now.

Hey Cleveland, Remember Me?


And the obligatory Wiggins interview quote.

“You know 5 years ago this team said I wasn’t good or accomplished enough to play with them; they didn’t feel like I was worth the wait. The kid they sent away is now a Champion”


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